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Fen Drayton Pre-School
The Village Hall
Cootes Lane, Fen Drayton
CB24 4SL


01954 230311


Pre-School Staff

Pre-School Manager
Diane Warboys
01954 230311 (during pre-school hours)
or 07922 112646
Deputy Manager
Anne Hodson

Committee members

Chairperson Emma Cox chairperson@fendraytonpreschool.org
Vice-Chairperson Sonia Rignall
Treasurer Ruth Dunleavey-Routh treasurer@fendraytonpreschool.org
Secretary Julie Stevens
Website Hui Fang
Family members Faye Convine
Gayle Farmer

Further Information

To join our email list or for other enquiries, email: enquiries@fendraytonpreschool.org

Registered Charity No. 1031167