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Click here to see the results of our 2015/2016 parent survey


Children's personal, social and emotional development is supported very well in this warm and caring pre-school. They arrive happy and enthusiastic. Children greet staff affectionately and quickly become involved in the activities.” (Ofsted 2014) 


Fen Drayton Pre-school is a very positive and nurturing environment for my daughter. She has grown and developed more confident as a result of the care and guidance she receives.” (Parent, 2016) 


My son thoroughly enjoys his days spent at pre-school. It has really made him ready to start school in September.” (Parent, 2016) 


My son has a rare skin condition which means he has a large mole on his back, the pre-school have always dealt with him in a professional yet sensitive manner and as such his confidence has soared. Thank you.” (Parent, 2016) 


”I love my pre-school, my favourite thing to do is playing outside.” (Child, 2016) 


My child has had an overwhelmingly positive experience of pre-school. She has made strong bonds with the staff, made friendships with her peers and developed in confidence. The variety of activities available is great as well as the extra-curricular trips. Fen Drayton pre-school has fully prepared my child for starting school.” (Parent, 2016) 


This is a great community pre-school that my child really enjoys going to. The activities are varied and trips around the local community are regularly arranged.” (Parent, 2014) 


Since starting at Fen Drayton pre-school my child has grown so much in confidence and independence, it is lovely how much she gets out of it and enjoys going.” (Parent, 2014) 


My daughter attends two settings and Fen Drayton pre-school is by far the preferred. She loves going, has an excellent relationship with the staff and is happy playing with all the children there regardless of age gaps.” (Parent, 2014) 


My son has a lovely time at pre-school, and I feel being there has really helped him to be confident and happy with other children. He is very fond of Diane and Anne, which is very reassuring for me.” (Parent, 2014) 


Experienced, very caring, almost one-to-one throughout. They work here with passion and love not as a “duty”. Lucky to be here.” (Parent, 2014) 


My daughter started at Fen Drayton Pre-School at 2 ½ and is both sad to be leaving but excited about starting school in September. I think this shows just how Diane and Anne support and nurture the children and help them grow in confidence during their time with them. Fen Drayton Pre-School has encouraged my daughter’s creativity and helped her in first steps in letters, numbers and shapes. It has been brilliant for her to build lasting relationships with all the children she will be going to school with. Thank you!” (Parent, 2013)